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The Last Great Day

For nearly 6 thousand years now, humanity has lived and died, with most of these people never understanding the true plan of God for them, or their human destiny.

Billions have lived their lives, whether for a few years or for 7 or 8 decades, or more, and everyone eventually losing family and friends to the enemy called death in the process. The sadness of separation, the wondering whether the friend or family member went to heaven, or is burning in hell, or what might have happened to them, and will we ever see them again.

The good news (the gospel)... the teachings of our creator, provide a great hope for all humanity, living or dead, so we do NOT have to wonder about our fate. Contrary to popular belief, this age is NOT the only chance for salvation for the bulk of humanity.

The very last Holy Day described in the bible is what is generally called, "The Last Great Day." This is taken from the new testament scriptures in John 7:37...

:37 "In the last day, that great day of the feast, Jesus stood and cried, saying..." KJV

The context of these first few words of Jesus were at the end of the fall Holy Day season called the Feast of Tabernacles... a 7 day festival, with the first day a Holy Day, and the day after the 7th day, the 8th day, being another Holy Day. This is but one season where God lays out in His Holy Days, His plan for all mankind.

This 8th day portrays a time after the millennial reign of Christ, when "the rest of the dead" would be resurrected in a second resurrection...

Rev 20:5 "But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished." KJV

This particular resurrection is after the first resurrection of the saints raised at Christ's second coming a thousand years before, and includes all of humanity who never had a chance to hear the gospel, or to understand it even if they did hear it. God has not forgotten these billions and billions of people who never knew God or were not Called, who are long since dead, buried, (and NOT burning in hell) and all but a few even remembered. Hope is not lost for most every one of them.

A set of scriptures that points to this time is found in Ezekiel 37. Using a vision to Ezekiel, God showed what He planned for all those who have died since Adam whose bones are figuratively saying...

Ezek 37:11 "...'Our bones are dry, our hope is lost, and we ourselves are cut off!'" NKJV

This portrays, symbolically, that since they didn't respond to God when they were alive, they now believed they had no hope for any future life. This, unfortunately, is a common belief held by many Christians today, but is it true?

It is good to read all of Ezekiel 37 to realize all the intent God exposes. Paul also mentions this scenario of what appears to many to be the hopelessness of all those who have died not having God and Christ in their lives, or never understood His plan... and even those right within Israel who did not believe despite all God's miracles...

Rom 11:23 "And they also, if they abide not still in unbelief, shall be graffed in: for God is able to graff them in again." KJV

Once again, read all of Romans 11 for the context, and you will see that God has NOT abandoned anyone, even those who witnessed His power and majesty continually over the course of 40 years, and they still did not believe Him because they COULD not believe Him... at that time, however, they will be given understanding at their resurrection on this Great Day of hope.

In 2012, I was on my way home after services on the Last Great Day of the Feast, and just outside the Lake Rathbun State Park resort in Moravia, Iowa, (where 350+ members met to fellowship at this Feast of Tabernacles), was a cemetery which I had noticed the year before, and again this year, but was noticing this time what appeared to be many old tombstones, and I'm always curious about historical records and things "old."

I was on my way past the cemetery, and suddenly realized I wanted to go back and take a stroll through it... especially given that The Last Great Day was not complete as yet, and it seemed very fitting to at least give a thought toward some few who have likely never been remembered for many years. It was a beautiful, sunny, pleasant day for a stroll, and what I discovered moved me and really brought home the hope of this day and what it will mean to all of our human family.

Rather than go into detail about all I was thinking and feeling, I think the pictures I took will tell their stories. I will add a few thoughts on a few of the pictures that were especially heat-rending, or had some other element involved that might not be obvious at first. Some are a bit hard to read, but most you can make out the name, dates and other info. Keep in mind that it is impossible to say who of these dead could be in the first, second or third resurrection, but the general principle is as Christ spoke... "many are called, few are chosen," for this age of salvation. I will be adding to these pictures as I travel to different Feast sites in coming years, or visit other areas at other times.

In viewing these pictures, if you want to get a closer view, simply hold the control key down, and hit the + key to zoom, and the - key to back out.

Those possibly waiting for fulfillment of the Last Great Day - Moravia, Iowa

Those possibly waiting for fulfillment of the Last Great Day - Port Byron, Illinois

Those possibly waiting for fulfillment of the Last Great Day - Glenwood Springs, Colorado - Doc Holliday's grave is here

Those possibly waiting for fulfillment of the Last Great Day - Ouray, Colorado

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